Welcome to a website dedicated exclusively to the topic of transcreation.

I have based this site on the books I have written so far, and on the questions and feedback I get from colleagues around the globe. My idea is to make www.transcreationexperts.com a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of language service practitioners in the field of transcreation.


Is current academic teaching aligned with real-world challenges?

Over the years, I have been approached by academics telling me that what I present as transcreation is really nothing else than what they teach as translation. What they do is basically tack the translation label onto any type of work that in some way includes a source and a target-language text. Which, in my experience, is not a good idea. “Why? What’s the problem?” you ask.


Why invest in a transcreation workshop?

My workshops may be more business-focused than some expect when they sign up. Yet I often get feedback, sometimes even months or years after a workshop, where participants tell me they still use the material they got in my workshop, and how helpful it has proved over time. They have come to realize that the business side of transcreation is much more complex than they originally thought.