Welcome to a website dedicated exclusively to the topic of transcreation.

I have based this site on the books I have written so far, and on the questions and feedback I get from colleagues around the globe. My idea is to make a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of language service practitioners in the field of transcreation.

When I wrote the book that I am currently selling on this website (and in print version on amazon), I used material and insights that I had collected over decades. I had so many ideas and so much I wanted to share. But I had set my sight on making it the most useful, practical guide for all those of you who want to become expert providers of transcreation, so I needed to pick and choose and chuck out a lot.

Rather than cramming everything into a book, I decided to complement it with a series of blog articles instead. A lot of the things I chucked out will likely appear on this website over time. Stay tuned!