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Get fit for the future of transcreation is a business companion for linguists and language service providers interested in becoming transcreation experts.

Transcreation, a service that combines translation with copywriting skills, is required for most marketing, corporate communication, public relations, and advertising texts, and more generally for all types of texts that are meant to enhance a company’s or a brand’s reputation and sales.

This book seeks to answer all the questions that are typically raised about transcreation by both providers and buyers of transcreation services, and more.

An eye-opening read, packed with practical lessons from a transcreation practitioner with more than 25 years of industry experience.

This is what readers say:

I have been working with translation, copywriting and transcreation for more than 40 years now, and I have never seen anything like this before. Nina’s book is a treasure trove of sound advice – including methods, tips, techniques, insights, recommendations, do’s and don’ts, suggestions and in-depth explanations that certainly will give you a broader, deeper view on a subject matter that, even today, is still utterly ignored or largely misunderstood. Whether you provide services in this area, or work on the other side of the counter as a project manager or buyer of such services, I’m sure you will appreciate this great book at least as much as I do.” Eduardo N.

“This book is like the bible of transcreation! It explains the differences between translation, localization and the transcreative approach to translation very well! A must-read for people in the industry like me and all marketers needing help to make their communication work in foreign languages.” Noelia G.

“There’s no waffle in this book. The author makes every word count, and you get detailed explanations of what to do and how to do it […] as well as handy checklist and templates. This isn’t the type of book you read once and put back on the shelf to gather dust. You’ll dip back into it an re-read different sections frequently. I refer to it constantly as I grow my business.” Mandy B.

“[This book] offered me everything I needed to take the skills I had in translating and copywriting and begin marketing them immediately alongside my freelance translation services. The book offers information on how to buy transcreation services, how to market them and how to perform them. It also provides lines of reasoning for when they are needed in lieu of “standard” translation and how to help clients understand the difference. With handy lists and a comprehensive FAQ section, it gives you everything you need to get started – today!” Julie C.

“I bought this book a couple of months ago and cannot recommend it enough. I have been a freelance translator for almost 25 years now. The book is a real eye-opener.”

“I just finished reading your book Get Fit for the Future of Transcreation. Besides being extremely interesting and useful, what struck me the most was your generosity. Generosity with your knowledge is something that unfortunately I haven’t come across very often in my 20+ years’ experience in the translation industry.” Mariel A.

Thanks for all your hard work in promoting our profession! 😊 I enjoyed your book immensely and often use it for reference.” Linda G.

“Can’t praise it enough! This is a must-have and it will be my go-to-book anytime I need to. Definitely not a book that should gather dust on the shelf of your library!” Filomena C.



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